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"It seems to me that everything in this picture is dying.. the decaying state of the cottage walls.. the thatched roof in need of replacement... the ivy killing the tree... the old man's boots unlaced. Nothing to look forward to. The silent darkness of the doorway where children once played and laughed and then grew up to be scattered around the world".

Liam Lyons FIPPA. Lar Redmond, a poet friend of Liam's wrote these moving words about James: Waiting for death, am I The slow going away, Day by day. Beneath this Western sky Where she and I made love And gassons* for export. And then, at the last sad time, She died on me, and left me lonely. Solus mo chroidthe** twas the only bad thing you ever did. * Gassons = Children (Irish language) ** Light of my heart (Irish language)